Perfect Timing for a London Post!

I know… I know…. LONDON is going to be a HUGE topic with the Olympics and all, but I was there in June and loved it and wanted to share a few pics!  My boyfriend had to go for a business trip, and he invited me to tag along.  Who would say ‘no’ to that!!??  Not this girl!  We stayed near Hamstead Heath – in Highgate, in a beautiful home.  This quaint town had amazing shop lined streets with fantastic places to eat and window shop.  We did the open tour bus, and checked out the sites and of course, I did a ton of window shopping! :)

Big Ben!

The trip was quite short, so I only had a couple of days to get lost and discover.  One of my stops was to Notting Hill and hit up Portobello Market.

Here’s the start of Portobello Road. It’s really cool because the entire street has these fantastic vintage and antique furniture and jewelry stores. I walked in and out of almost EVERY single one. I was there for hours!!

These silk pillows were displayed outside of a rug shop.


And all of these vintage blankets were on tables outside on the street too. I was so overwhelmed that I just didn’t buy anything. Dumb!

I’m terrible. I don’t have business cards from any of the stores on Portobello Road that I visited. So, I can’t report where I was, but pics are fun to look at!

Another stall had these amazing book pages of butterflies. I loved ALL of them, but had no idea of how I’d get them home without wrinkling them. I would have bought a whole series to frame.

Of course I had to go to Oxford Circus and check out Top Shop.  I was waaay overwhelmed.  So, since I was in the area – I headed over to the absolutely amazing Liberty of London.  The building itself is beyond impressive.  They have the most impressive silks and the most gorgeous patterns.  The store itself is awesome because besides having their silk floral print pieces, they also have a fun stationary shop, handbags and accessories location, and an amazing array of jewelry.

This is from inside at the bottom floor of Liberty of London looking up. It has floors that go up, and up filled with their gorgeous silks.

I was semi-rushed while I was at Liberty of London, so I was only able to take a few pics, but thee were so many table displays of gorgeous scarves. The prints were absolutely gorgeous.

The stationary store had all of these gorgeous individual sheets of wrapping paper. They looked more like art to me. I would have loved to take some home with me, but again, not something easy to pack home.

The jewelry at Liberty was UNREAL! I was in LOVE with these horse shoe charms and really, really, really wanted one… OR actually 3. They were just out of my budget unfortunately. I love how delicate and romantic they are.

I have so many more pictures to post about from my trip… so stay tuned!

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  1. designstiles July 27, 2012 at 6:13 am #

    My husband went to London a few years ago for business too and you know I had to tag along as well. Short trip too and tried to make the most of it. People were so friendly!!! I missed the Portebello Market. : ( You found so many great textiles.

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