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From the Personal File: My Inspiration: The Bedroom

I’ve been thinking a lot about my bedroom… Doing a big pros and cons list. ¬†In upcoming posts, I will include some pics from my bedroom – and will include my actual pros and cons list. ¬†But I wanted to get my inspiration pics up first. ¬†I’ve been really thinking about the key pieces that I want to keep, and what I’d love to add to the space and make it more…. well…. Me.

So – Here are the inspirations. ¬†This first one, I LOVE the mid-century clean lines mixed with the boho vibe. ¬†I also like that the colors are muted, but not neutral with the pops of color. I’m a big fan of symmetry with the matching end tables and lamps. ¬†This room also has a lot of texture (the rug and the fabric covered walls).

via Elle Decor

This next room has been a favorite of mine for SO long.  Massucco Warner Miller is one of my favorite design firms.  So, of course Рlove the fabric headboard and that wallpaper is bananas.   I also love the pop of coral color that is established with the draperies and the bedding monograms.

Designed by Massucco Warner Miller

This third image (below) is awesome. ¬†I LOVE the dark walls. ¬†It’s like going into a coccoon. ¬†The fabric headboard and the stripe and floral mixed pillows on the bed also really caught my eye.

Image via Laura Casey Interiors

Another designer who has impeccable style is Tamara Kaye Honey.  The dark navy walls paired with the bright white,tufted headboard is super chic.  I would definitely need a larger night stand though!

Designed by Tamara Kaye Honey of House of Honey

I’m sort of drawn to the idea of a printed fabric headboard, but I feel like committing to a print would be hard. ¬†I am really loving this combination below though.

Designed by Caitlin Wilson

¬†And below…. this picture is one of my absolute faves. ¬†My walls are pretty much this color so this also visually is easy ¬†for me to relate to. ¬†I love the boho-eclectic feel going on. My personal style leans towards vintage, and this room really has the flair. ¬†I love the colors, the campaign furniture, and moldings.

via Apartment Therapy

So…. This is the starting off point. ¬†Next up – pros and cons. ¬†Let me know what you like and dislike. ¬†input would be fab!



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2 Responses to “From the Personal File: My Inspiration: The Bedroom”

  1. dayka July 30, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

    the first one is probably my favorite–i love all of the texture and, of course, the vintage. everything looks really eclectic but really high end & sophisticated. i feel like this would go well with the rest of your house. i also love dark walls in a bedroom, so i love the grey and navy blue. my second fave is the navy blue room w/ chandelier.¬†

  2. Meredith Heron August 8, 2012 at 1:25 am #

    Hey that navy bedroom is mine not Laura’s!!! I’m so over my pillows already you want ‘em?? That’s the problem with being a designer. I tire of things QUICKLY!

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