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A couple pics from 45 Three

After work today I popped into 45 Three on Fairfax (south of Wilshire Blvd. for those LA peeps) and of course they had great stuff, but nothing that’s on my list that I’m currently needing for my new digs.

If you live in the area you should totally stop in there.  They are having a sale and there are some really great pieces.

Here’s a few snaps I took.

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45 Three chic!

This afternoon I stopped into one of my favorite vintage furniture shops – 45 Three and of course – the store looked gorgeous with amazing little vignettes for customers to enjoy and be inspired by.  This specific set up blew me away, and half of it was already sold! :(

How gorgeous is the settee, side tables, bargello pillows, lamps, end tables…..  I could keep going!!

Well – if you live in LA – the store is on Fairfax just south of Olympic, take a peak for some fantastic inspiration, or a great find!!  (And – tell Staci you are friends with me!)

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