Bedding Inspiration…. I need some.

 Here is our bedroom.  Not much has changed since this picture was taken in November, but that we have dark gray sheets and bedskirt and a white duvet.  But its boring.  I love the rug, our dresser, and our lamps. But the bedding is such a snore.  Here’s some inspiration that’s helping me make some decions.

 I love the monogrammed bedding bedding!  BUT for some reason, Josh doesn’t lay nicely on the bed.  It’s like he leaves his mark everytime he sits.  He’s like a puppy. (but in a handsome way). :)

 This bedding bewlow with the hints of lilac and the stripe is UH-mazing.

Massucco Warner Miller designed the bedroom below.  My duvet never looks that full.  And I splurged on a good one for us!  What is the trick here?

The colors below are just beautful and I love how clean and well kept this look.

For the bedroom below, I like the layout of the pillows.  I think I need king size pillows.

And this last one – love the bedding, the mix of tonal colors and the softness.

Please do share what is on your bed and how you keep it from looking cluttery and messy!

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Let’s get in bed

 I don’t know about you… but, I am a white bedding person.  White bedding is just easy!  It’s sleek, clean, you won’t get sick of it, and its always fresh and current. But… from time to time, I always think how fun it would be to have a bedding coordinated set.  Hello Serena and Lily!  
So here are a few that have grabbed my attention today. 
What do you have for your bedding?  
available at

available at 
Vera Wang available at 

Lauren by Ralph Lauren available at Horchow

Missoni available at Horchow

Pine Cone Hill available at Horchow
Sferra bedding available at Horchow
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Olatz Schnabel mixes colors….

Well did you get your new issue of House Beautiful? i am liking this new Editor Chief…. anyway… that’s off topic. Here was the bedroom feature on Olatz Schnabel and I thought she did such a cool job of mixing blue, purple, pink, red, white…. I feel like if I were to try this it would cheapin the room and look like a mish mash of crap. But here looks so dramatic perfect French.

images via House Beautiful
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An Eclectic Boho Bedroom

Ok… so I’m back at square one for the bedroom… I don’t even have an idea of what I would want to do… But I do like the idea of this boho-glam-ethnic room with the happy colors, eclectic accessories, all while looking clean and put together. Intriguing…
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I heart SJP’s Hampton’s Bedroom

This is Sarah Jessica Parkers home in the Hamptons. I love how natural and not-over-the-top it is. Its so approachable. With that being said…. so is her bedroom and I love how airy and bright and cheery it is!

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What can I say, I like her bedroom…

I have to be honest…. I kind of think Tinsley Mortimer is a douche bag. But I have to say… her headboard, blue walls, and crisp white bedding with monogramming ensemble is pretty bad ass.

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From the Personal File….

I have this actual page ripped out from a magazine from a few years ago, and I still love that glamorous yet masculine feel to the room. It’s got the lush bedding, those black shades on the lamp, the tilted gold mirrors. Pretty insanely gorgeous if you ask me!

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Neat bedroom, huh? I love the rug, and that beautiful headboard….also that orange phone is so cute! the whole combination of the colors, the wood paneling (which I am on the fence about) those amazing lamps – and those shades are so neat…. its just a very cool room.

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Nate Burkus – new stuff

If you’ve got plain white bedding (like the majority of us — including myself)… why not punch it up a notch with these fun sheet sets from Nate Burkus at HSN.

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A Native American Classic

Have you ever heard of Pendleton blankets? Well, I haven’t and I think they are quite beautiful. I’d love to have one thrown over my sofa, or in a bedroom, or even just folded up in my living room for a pretty spare blanket. The company is a family owned and run business and they have been designing these western native American blankets for approximately 96 years. They also have pillows and other accessories, but I thought the blankets were their best pieces.

This pink and black one would be awesome in a girls bedroom.

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