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Bedding Inspiration…. I need some.

 Here is our bedroom.  Not much has changed since this picture was taken in November, but that we have dark gray sheets and bedskirt and a white duvet.  But its boring.  I love the rug, our dresser, and our lamps. But the bedding is such a snore.  Here’s some inspiration that’s helping me make some decions.

 I love the monogrammed bedding bedding!  BUT for some reason, Josh doesn’t lay nicely on the bed.  It’s like he leaves his mark everytime he sits.  He’s like a puppy. (but in a handsome way). :)

 This bedding bewlow with the hints of lilac and the stripe is UH-mazing.

Massucco Warner Miller designed the bedroom below.  My duvet never looks that full.  And I splurged on a good one for us!  What is the trick here?

The colors below are just beautful and I love how clean and well kept this look.

For the bedroom below, I like the layout of the pillows.  I think I need king size pillows.

And this last one – love the bedding, the mix of tonal colors and the softness.

Please do share what is on your bed and how you keep it from looking cluttery and messy!

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Sneak peak at my bedroom.

Its taken me quite a bit of time to figure out the direction for my bedroom.  I knew I wanted a medium/dark gray on the walls, with white bedding and gold accents – but that was pretty much it.  My dresser is one of my favorite pieces of furniture, but it needed some oomphing.  So, this weekend – I got to work!!

Here is how I originally bought it (Craigslist).

Then… It got a good Kils priming coat…

To the finished product! I am going to be ordering a glass top for the top of it to protect it.  I don’t want to have to baby the dresser.

So, now it’s time to style it.  I have a few ideas swirling – right now I am playing with the idea of framing this vintage linen.  I have a few other ideas, I just can’t decide!!  I also wil be moving the vases, I just have them up for the time being.

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A beautiful room in the name of charity!

This post is a little late…. but a few months ago, one of my blogging buddies and Interior Designer, Irene from Design Stiles was working on an AMAZING charity project for the Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women & Children in Los Angeles.  Basically – a bunch of fantastic interior designers got together to give the bedrooms of the facility more life, and make it a more inviting place for these women to call home.

Here is what Irene originally had to work with (Not too good):

And this too:

BUT — Have no fear!  Check out what Irene did with this space relying on a tight budget and donated items.

Isn’t the room beautiful!?  On a design front – it’s just amazing.  The colors, the different textures, and the mixing of modern and new is brilliant.  (I donated the gold lamp, and I’m thrilled wth how great it looks in the space!)

The desk area pretty fab too – and I especially love that sweetheart wicker chair.

And now for the revamped vanity area…

The wallpaper… light flixure… door knobs… mirror… LOVE!

Irene – Congratulations to you on making such a stunning room for someone who really will appreciate every bit of it.  There isn’t a detail missed – it’s pretty amazing!

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Lots of creative details make this space beautiful.

A sophisticated bedroom but still fun and cheery!! I love that.  
The suzani throw on the bed is amazing and I love the wallpaper for the back drop.   It’s got such a cool mix. 

Absolutely love the color scheme too. 

image via Nuevo-estilo

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Chartreuse in the bedroom. Love it!

I am totally jocking the idea of this bright, strange, and intriguing color.  
What do you think of such a punchy color for the bedroom?

image via House and Home
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From the personal file: Pale purples and greys make a dreamy bedroom suite.

I recently saw this bedroom/living area suite featured at House of Turquoise and I just can’t stop looking at it.  I know many of you have already seen it, but I wanted to share it again.  This room is livable, very stylish, soothing and yet not over top. I love how the wood walls are slidable to make it one room, or two, and the color palette and the choice of fabrics is perfection. 
Love it!

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14 Days of Romance: Girly Romantic Bedrooms: Day 10

How can we countdown romantic things without mentioning feminine, soft bedrooms?
Here ya go, ladies… Beautiful places to lay your head at night.

image via Decorpad
image via Decorpad

image via The Decorista

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14 Days of Romance: Mirrored Beds: Day 2

 Mirrored furniture has such a romantic feel to it… So, Obs!  Mirrored bedroom furniture would definitely scream for Valentines Day!
I am just in love with this room in general.  It’s got mirror, draper, gorgeous lamp….. Good stuff.
Roger Davis Photography via DecorPad
Absolutely love this headboard.  (image via DecorPad)

Mirrored Bed Crown available at Horchow

Palm Springs retreat belonging to Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan (and Dog Liberace)!

image via Decorpad

image via Lini Home

Bedroom belonging to Paris Hilton
BUT – my best advice I can give you — PLEASE… As much fun as you may want to have (wink…. wink…) NEVER let wacky mirrored ceilings like below inspire you to start getting out the ladder!!

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Brett Beldock designs an UNREAL Teen’s bedroom!

I just found my newest design crush! Brett Beldock of Brett Design Inc.
(I am kind of shocked I hadn’t heard of her before!)
Her style is whimsy, yet sophisticated, dramatic, but not in your face.  Beldock also has a line of wall coverings through Stark too.
So basically, she’s got serious cred. 
Anyway – check out this amazzzing teen’s bedroom.  I totally would love this room for myself.
 (Just swap in a larger sized bed and we’d be golden!) 

What an amazing seating area too!

Love this lounge/chill spot. 

Great idea to use vintage/mid-century glass bottles and wire to make into a desk lamp.  Very original without looking too crafty or cheese.
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A beautiful work space in the bedroom.

Sometimes space doesn’t permit a separate home office space.  
Here is a beautiful, elegant, and fun way to make it work in your bedroom.
(Tip: Keep the papers and supplies in the drawers.) 
images via Style at Home
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