A fab little gift…. Rouge & Co.

I just came across the cutest little gift idea from Etsy.  Rouge & Co. makes personalized office supplies and home decor pieces and the are just darling.  Besides blogging, I work in the fashion industry and we are giving these as small gifts for several of our accounts.

It was so much fun to pick and choose from the different background patterns and color choices.   Even as a gift for your self, you can really find a pattern that will completely match your office decor!  Check out more of their products here.  This would make a great holiday gift for a teacher, a tech-relative, a blogging buddy, or even as a stocking stuffer.  See more HERE.



Reverse Trellis

Reverse Zig Za6


Each background print comes in a plethora of colors to choose from.

Also, there is a wide range of colors to choose from for the monogramming as well as font and lay-out options.

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Sara Kate Studios: A favorite Etsy shop!

Oh do I have an amazing Etsy vintage shop to tell you about!

I recently made a new blogging/Pinterest buddy.  Sara Kate could be one of the coolest girls I’ve ever met.  She has INSANE style, an awesome Etsy shop, and she’s sweet as pie!  Triple threat!

I just got the cutest brass giraffe from her Etsy Shop, and I am in love!

All Glam Lamb readers will receive a 10% discount by using the code: GLAMLAMB.  How cool is that?!?!  Shop and enjoy!! Click HERE to reach Sara Kate Studios Etsy Shop

Also, here are a few of my favorite items from  Sara Kate Studios:

This wicker chair is one of my favorite pieces. LOVE!

A gorgeous pair of red cafe chairs. These are fantastic and so chic!

A pair of dalmation ceramic bookends. So tongue-in-cheek cute!

This set would make any bar cart or credenza party ready!

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Etsy Lovin’ – Fig Istanbul

I love fun costume jewelry with lots of sparkle and glam to it!!  I just came across a really great Etsy shop – Fig Istanbul and they have some really neat, ornate pieces.

Absolutely loving these!! (Above and below)

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14 Days of Romance: The Best Cards: Day 3

WARNING: If you have a very clean mind – skip viewing this post!
I absolutely love cards.  Any occasion. Birthdays, holidays, thinking of you, just to say hello…  There are so many reasons to write a card.  E-mail can be such a cop out.  
So – today I spent a little bit of time searching for my own Valentine’s card on Etsy – and I was laughing out loud at some of these!! There are some amazing stationary/letterpress companies – and the best ones really are on Etsy!!  Please do take the time to scroll through their fabulous round up of Valentine’s cards. 
Here are some that I personally liked, thought were hysterical, or would be great for friends, relatives, etc. 

Etsy – Colette Paperie
Etsy – Sweet Perversion
Etsy – Simply Jenuine 
Etsy – Tippy Tumble (Uggs & Kisses)
From Etsy – Tisa’s Creations

Etsy – La Belle Vie Design


Etsy – U Lucky Girl
Etsy – Dude and Chic  - Yes, this is slightly inappropriate, but an interesting way to get straight to the point!
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Gotta give a round of applause to Etsy

I don’t know if you remember this post, but a few months ago I was at the Long Beach Flea Market and saw this girl walking around with this needlepoint hanging – and I was sooo sad she got to it before I did. 
Well… Today is my lucky day – because LOOK at what I found on Etsy!!!
I am sooooo excited!!!! 
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Pillow Happy?

I think pillows are  so important.  The color, the size, the number of pillows…
So – I found a great source on Etsy! Pillow Happy !  I really like these geometric fuzzy ones!  They are prices from $15-30 each.

Love this yellow one!  
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Call Your Mother

Pretty Funny. I would definitely give this to a high school graduate who is heading off to college! HA!

Get it Here!
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Savage Salvage – Jewelry

Just came across this really cool jeweler on Etsy, Savage Salvage. Its really great layered pieces made of different metals with different types of vintage charms and trinkets. They are so special, and have so much character. These pieces speak from your self, layering them over a basic t-shirt or tank would look awesome.
Check out the other pieces here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/savagesalvage?page=1

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