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Peace Out Rexford Drive

I woke up this morning with a killer hangover.  awesome.

I also woke up to a serious ‘Get It Done’ list that needed to be taken care of before heading into the office.

So…. I totally putzed around instead.


Anyway…. Now that I have gotten the complaining out of the way…. It’s time to say good bye to the old digs.  Oh I LOVED this apartment.  I have had some of the best girls nights EVER, an unreal holiday party, AND it was my first real place that I got to experiment with design.  It was such a good place.

Please excuse the crappy iphone shots….

This is the yellow mirror in my dining room.  You can see my drexel white  bamboo furniture and the lamps on the campaign dressers were a gift from my grandma.  I love them.  Spoke to her this morning and she asked me to not let the movers handle the lamps.  Love her!

    Another view of the dining room.  (Again, pardon the crappy lighting).  I just repainted the table and chairs to a neat gray color that are coming to the new place with new upholstery.  I got the table and chairs at a great trift shop in East LA that unfortunately closed.   The rug was from Ikea and it didn’t make the cut for the new place.  The vintage bird fabric I got years ago at the Long Beach Flea Market.  There was only enough yardage to cover 2 chairs, so I mixed it with a solid turquoise.  Such a happy space.

Below is a better view of the lamps. I just sold the campaign dressers, but the bamboo mirror and lamps are coming to the new place.  This picture looks super vintagey-old. Weird.

And below…. another crapola shot.  But this would be my foyer.  I love the wall color.  Like I really love it.  I dont know what it is though.  I picked a shade at home depot off a paint chip and didn’t turn back!  Anyway… The Moroccan Wedding Blanket is from Calypso and I love all the sparkle.  I’m nervous to ask Josh about it… Maybe I should just casually place it SMACK in center  of the FOYER at the new place and maybe he won’t notice the sparklies.  Dear Lord!  Anyway… the Parsons Table.  So sick, right?!  I got the table and the pair of benches at Casa Victoria in Silverlake.  I obviously had to have the upholstery redone on the benches.  Good stuff.



So…. on that note….

Good bye Rexford Drive.  You’ve been so good to me and I love you for it!  Thanks for taking such good care of me!




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My holiday party!

Well… I must say – the party was a success and I am thrilled!  I really didn’t take enough pictures and I am so disappointed about that. But, here is a glimpse of what the party looked like! I had so much help from my girlfriends and we had a really good time just setting up!

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My dining room chandelier redo!

I’ve been working on my dining room for the past few weeks and it’s really coming along.  My dining room is extremely happy and cheerful.  I found the vintage tole chandelier at a yard sale off Fairfax for $40, and It wasn’t what I had in mind, but I love it!  I was actually planning on going a bit modern, but when I saw this, a whole new plan came into action.

Painting this wasn’t difficult at all, just time consuming waiting the paint dry and wrapping the individual parts to not get spray painted.  Here are the steps for this detailed project:

1.  Clean and remove all of the dust and debris so that the paint with stick to the metal smoothly.

2. Decide which area is the largest and then cover and wrap all of the parts that are not included in the largest area for spray painting.

3. Spray paint the large area and wait for it to dry at least 3-4 hours.  Spray paint dries quick.

4. Unwrap the areas that are covered and begin painting the flowers and candle bars with a small brush or q-tips.  Two coats would be best.  I used spray paint that was sprayed into the cap and then dipped the q-tips into the caps to get the paint out.

5.  Let the paint dry overnight before hanging.

Here’s the original state of the chandelier when I brought it home with me. A bit of a fixer upper, if I must say so.

My first plan of action was to spray paint the main section green in the center where the leaves were, so everrything not being spray painted was covered, wrapped and taped in paper and tin foil.

The pink flowers and the white candle rods were all painted by hand carefully using q-tips. I know, you would think the foam brush would have been best, but there were so many small nooks, that the q-tips really worked best.

And voila! The finished product!

All images via The Glam Lamb.

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