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From the personal file… Black & Spiro Inspires!!!

Anna Spiro… the owner of home store, Black & Spiro in Australia has sick style.  Her shop was recently featured in Adore Magazine - and I couldn’t take my eyes off of these two images for a really long time.  I was just totally mesmerized by how fun and kick-back these rooms are while still haing a bit of glam to it.

These two images have totally inspired me for my own home spaces:

I am in LOVE with this bedroom. The rug is sick, and so are the lamps and the bedding.  That bed skirt is bananas!!!  I am definitely going to pull a few ideas from here.  Stay tuned for new bedroom pics in the near future.

How darling and happy is this chair!?!  WELL – I am about to have a chair re-upholstered in my living room, and I picked an ikat print by Robert Allen that I love, but I a now thinking that I may do a different fabric on the back.  This is awesome!!

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A day late and a dollar short: A bamboo etagere

How BANANAS is this!?!

Let me first make you jealous:

1. It’s Gorgeous

2. It’s $100

BUT – I didn’t buy it!

WHY??? —- Because someone got there before me and put it on a layaway plan. (Who’s jealous now!!??)

Let’s call this a TOTAL BURN.


It was at Gum’s Antique Mall in Hawaiian Gardens, CA

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The happiest home in the world… From the personal file!

I just came across a new e-mag:  Design New England and found the most amazing home of Liz Caan.  This would be my dream home.  Color, vintage and antique finds, happy artwork, touches of gold, gorgeous patterns and lots of fabulous layering.   Every room is complete perfection.


Liz Caan in her iving room. How gorgeous is this color palette. I am in love with every aspect of this room from the wall color, to the art, to the furnishings.

Beautiful artwork and a great pair of yellow stools.

Chevron up the stairs?! Such an original way to play with the zig zag.

The master bedroom: A calming place to unwind, but still has a punch of happy!

The daughter's bedroom. Such a fun color combo.

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Pin-Pin-Pinterest… Faves of the week!

Ah…. Friday is here. So you know what that means!

The favorite pins of the week!

Did you see anything that you absolutely loved, Please do share!!




I am not the biggest fan of True Religion jeans (maybe 5 years ago… but my taste in denim is more for the plain).  So… I was pleasantly surprised to learn that these awesome shoes are made by them!  Kudos to TR.  Available at Piperlime


Oh Jonathan Adler – you hit all the right notes!  I am in absolute love with the gold finished side table!  Isn’t this Nixon group amazing??? Available at Jonathan Adler


Tobi Fairley is one of my absolute favorite interior designers – and this is a space she designed for the Richmond Showcase.  The upholstered pieces are perfection and I am in love with the greek-key x-bench.


This vintage settee from Jayson Home & Garden made me do a double-take.  I love the suzani-like fabric paired with the ticking stripe.



Nutella Cheesecake brownies?!?  I mean, Really?  This just sounds too good to be true! I have absolutely no business making these – but I sure do want to!  recipe via Lovin’ From the Oven.


I haven’t checked out Pottery Barn lately, and when I came across these pillows – I got pretty excited.  They are so spring-time happy, and I love the monogramming.


Monogramming and Gold could so be two of my favorite things in the world – and pairing them together …. Perfection! I am in LOVE with this bracelet from Dannijo. Actually – all of the Dannijo jewelry is awesome!


I recently saw this image at Admiring Pretty Things and was blown away by how beautiful and simple this is.  I absolutely love hydrangeas, and the clear blue glass cylinder vases are spectacular for this set up.  So — I thought this was the perfect way to end the week — with beautiful flowers!!!

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!


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Pin-Pin-Pinterest – Faves of the week!

Pin-Pin-Pinning it up on Pinterest!

Here are my favorites of the week, the things that really caught my eye…  Made me smile… And made me do a double take.  Ya know, just stuff I love!  Did you see anything this week that was truly amazing??



These scarves from Theodora and Callum are beautiful.  I found them at Good Bones Great Pieces, a blog that NEVER disappoints.

Looove these Theodora and Callum scarves! So vibrant and happy!

These wood bracelets by Paloma's Nest are awesome, they come with options of different quotes and sayings, or you can personalize it up to 35 characters. Great gift idea too!

Fabricut "flame stitch" fabric as featured in House Beautiful. You really can't ever get sick of a good zig-zag.

Gold sconces. I am crazy about the brushed gold shade.

The wallpaper is BANANAS!! BUT - I have no idea who makes it, and I am in absolute love! Anyone?

Fornasetti is so kooky and intriguing, yet so glamorous. I love these perfume spray bottles - they would be perfect in a powder room or on a bed side table. They are just gorgeous little bottles of art!


I have a few vintage tea towels that are so soft, I actually use them for cleaning certain delicate pieces of serveware that I have, but this one, I love the print on it, and would love to see it used for something - centered on a seat cushion, a pillow.... etc.


A rainbow of vintage, pastel peacock chairs. Could there be any other way to sit with girlfriends so lavishly?

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Pin Pin Pinterest – the faves of the week!

Oh do I love Pinterest.  This site could be my crack! 
Here are my top favorite Pins of the week that definitely made me do a ‘double-take’!!!

Image via Bijou and Boheme – Brass lion door knockers.  Chic, chic, chic!

This x-bench just kills me!!!  I want a pair of these.   Via Elizabeth Bauer Design

Multiple strands of Chanel – stunner and a forever classic statement.  Image via Love 4 Surfer Boys

A grouping of these in the center of a bedroom, or above a dining room table, or even a coffee table would be abslutely bananas.  Love!!!! Image via Snob Stuff

This is the exact ind of vintage/mid-century modern style that makes me stop, and stare.  Isn’t this gorgeous!?!?!
Image via The Zhush

This makes me want to set a table and have a party! Image via Tobi Fairley

Oh Mr. Valentine – you know how to design a shoe right!  Available at

I would love to have a vase super kitschy just like this to keep happy flowers in!
Image via Dwellers Without Decorators

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From the personal file: Pale purples and greys make a dreamy bedroom suite.

I recently saw this bedroom/living area suite featured at House of Turquoise and I just can’t stop looking at it.  I know many of you have already seen it, but I wanted to share it again.  This room is livable, very stylish, soothing and yet not over top. I love how the wood walls are slidable to make it one room, or two, and the color palette and the choice of fabrics is perfection. 
Love it!

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Pinterest: My favorite pins of the week!!

I don’t know about you, but I am a HUGE Pinterest fan.  
Here are my favorite 10 pins of the week (in no specific order).

What a great way to store your long, dangling necklaces so that they won’t tangle and you can easily find them.  Image via Country Living

I don’t have an iphone (yet) – I just recently crossed over and got a Macbook pro – but I sooo love this iphone case.  Awesome.  Available on Etsy

Gouda melted sauce – this looks insane!!  Check out the recipe HERE

These lace inspired envelopes are absolutely gorgeous!  Image via HERE

Madison Harding Casey platform wedges available at Shopbop

Love this idea.

The ikat print wall coverings, combined with the straigh tlines of the desk, and the whole look of the entire room in general is just amazing!!  Designed by Sara Gilbane

These velvet backed note cards are just gorgeous and so sweet.                                                                                                                   Available at Burke Decor designed by Velvet Raptor

The ombre effect of this floral arrangement is just stunning.
image via
Vintage Rose Garden
This pair of benches could be my favorite pin of the week.  How gorgeous are these – I really want to duplicate this some how for my own home!  Image via Good Bones Great Pieces
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From the personal file…. I would learn how to cook for this!

Isn’t this kitchen absolutely beautiful and simple?  
This is ideal… nothing over the top and just the right amount of flair. 

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From the personal file… A perfectly styled living room

The perfect amount of layering, the perfect amount of pop, 
the perfect amount of texture. 
Stunning combination – and I absolutely love it!
Designed by Shannon Wollack  (This girl has serious style!!)
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