A funny story and a gorgeous interior of J. Lo’s LA pad.

I am going to start this post with a little funny story.

Several years ago I was on Lake Como (Italy) with my family. My sister and I shared a hotel room, and our parent’s room was just above ours. There was a gorgeous staircase that we would run up and down (I’d like to consider the Villa d’ Este my second home btw!! LOL). Anyway…. one evening we were getting ready to go to Verona to see an opera when my sister decides to make an obnoxious comment about Jennifer Lopez. I nearly leaped across the room to murder her and to defend J.Lo’s honor like I was the Gustapo out to protect her!! SCREAMING is an understatement. YES – two grown adults got in a screaming match over Jennifer Lopez. Aren’t sisters great!? (side note – my sister is one of my best friends!!). My dad heard us from upstairs, threatened us both to be sent home if we didn’t cool it. To this day we can not really discuss Jennifer Lopez – its still a sore subject.

SO — eat your heart out! Here is her new LA pad and it’s a stunner!!

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A delightful home

Here is a home designed by Rebekah Zaveloff and I think its done so well.  It’s got charm, and interest and lots of fun pieces – without being overdone.

Fantastic floor lamp and sconce.  

Love the drum coffee tables. and the art above the mantle.  
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Giving a punch with a soothing color palate

Love how calming the color palate is of this room – yet completely wowed by that dramatic wallpaper.  It’s soothing, yet still has edge.  
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I hope you are having a very relaxing weekend doing exactly what you want to do!!
Love – Hallie
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A boho-vibed bedroom

 Boho, glam, and chic.  Really like that gold hanging piece of art too.

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Strikingly Beautiful

Image via Houzz

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Dream a Little Dream

I have this feeling that I’d sleep really well in this room…. Like really really well.  Placing your bare feet on the kushy flokati before you step on the hard wood… Screw it… I probably wouldn’t get out of bed.  :) 

Image via Veranda

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Not so neutral, Neutrals.

Love this and want to lay on that chaise lounge chair with a stack of magazines and do absolutely nothing. Amazing combination.

image via Canadian House & Home

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In the Neutral Zone

I do really like neutral colors like beige, cream, khaki, brown, black, white…. safe. But I feel like to pull it off you have to have gorgeous and rich elements. So to say the least, my budget doesn’t quite cover bargaining for a neutral palette with insane textures. But here are two beautiful rooms that don’t seem to have a budget and they are done flawlessly and casually, while still having that elegance to it. Above — love the fabric walls.

Love the modern leather chairs, the enormous orchid, and that fun Moroccan wedding blanket adding whimsy to the coffee table.
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From the personal file….

This room is designed by Tricia Huntley and I love it. I love how simple it is and understated, classic, and gorgeous. I have that sofa – so it really gives me an idea of what I can do with the look in future. It’s clean and balanced. Beautiful.

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