My favorite look of the Oscars – Mila Kunis!

I know that many bloggers will be reporting on the beautiful fashions of the Oscars – but the only dress that really made my jaw drop was Mila Kunis.  This dress is INSANE and she looks flawless. 
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Purple Rain… Purple Rain…. A Gorgeous Inspiration

I was just visiting the fabulous blog: Lovely Ugly Design when I came across these stunning photographs (originally from Corrie Cond for Marie Claire au March 2010) and I was completely inspired but the rich color and stared for several moments. 
Aren’t these photographs absolutely breath taking?!

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Bright and Happy Romantic!

I love this! It’s happy and bright, has romantic furniture with funky elements. 
Definitely making me in the mood for Spring!
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From the personal file…. Boho Glam Dreamy… Bananas!

Boho-glammed out rooms make me go bananas!!  I absolutely love the layering and how the colors have a vibrant and energetic feel.

image via Lonny

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From the personal file AND on my radar – Insect Needlepoint Pillows.

Oh my goodness…. Jonathan Adler has done it again.
How bananas are these!?!?

Here’s my living room – (excuse the pic) to refresh your memory.
I see my next splurge on the horizon – and its looking like it may be these!
These are my colors and I think would jive perfectly with my Trina Turk/F. Schumacher pillows.
What do you think?
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Vintage Bamboo furniture is my weakness.

I have 4 weaknesses when it comes to design:
1. Gold/brass 
2. Kooky ceramic animals
3. Campaign furniture
4. Vintage bamboo furniture. 
Do you have any trend or style that you ALWAYS go back to?
Now how gorgeous is this chocolate, ivory and purple dining room???  

And here are a two of my weaknesses in my own home:
1. This is one of my vintage Drexel dining room chairs.  
2. Here is my vintage bamboo mirror (from an estate sale) with my campaign furniture.  
(PS. The room has now been painted!)
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Glam. With a capital G.

I like purple.  I don’t love it. 
BUT  – this is pretty fantastic if you ask me.  It’s so chic and on point with current trends without being too too trendy.  I love it!  
image via House & Home
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Have a Cheery Day!

There are very few things that I like more than flowers in a window sill.
Isn’t this image divine?  I hope you are having a wonderful day!

image via Sketch 42

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Neat Floor Cushion

Saw this at World Market and thought it was such a great floor cushion/pouf. Its different from all of the leather ones I’ve been seeing – and the price is great – $39.99. Find it here.
Wouldn’t this be great for a teen’s bedroom? a dorm? a casual lay around room?

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Olatz Schnabel mixes colors….

Well did you get your new issue of House Beautiful? i am liking this new Editor Chief…. anyway… that’s off topic. Here was the bedroom feature on Olatz Schnabel and I thought she did such a cool job of mixing blue, purple, pink, red, white…. I feel like if I were to try this it would cheapin the room and look like a mish mash of crap. But here looks so dramatic perfect French.

images via House Beautiful
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