Valentine’s Day Bark


I made chocolate toffee bark for a few people in the office last night (and wrapped them up this morning) as well as made a few extra for Josh to take to work.  They are SO freakin’ good and SO easy to make  (meaning – my mom could probably handle this one).   Get the recipe here from Deep South Dish.     (It’s literally 5 ingredients).    They are a bit gooey, so I wrapped them in wax paper in layers, pulled them in plastic bags from the Paper Source, and then tied with vintage ribbon.

Wishing you a super sweet and wonderful Valentine’s Day!

xx, Hallie



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14 Days of Romance: Happy Hearts Day: Day 14

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14 Days of Romance: A Sweet Treat: Day 6

It’s definitely not Valentine’s Day without Sweets.  
Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Pretzels and Almonds…. EASY!!! EASY!!!


  • 1 cup pretzel rods
  • 1 cup almonds
  • 3 (4-ounce) bars semisweet chocolate, melted (recommended: Valrhona chocolate)
  • 8 long-stemmed strawberries


Chop pretzels and nuts and place in 2 separate bowls. Chop chocolate.
In a double boiler, melt chocolate until smooth and velvety.
Dip strawberries in chocolate and then in pretzels or nuts.
Place covered strawberries on a 1/2 sheet tray lined with waxed paper. Allow to set at room temperature and serve
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14 Days of Romance: The Best Cards: Day 3

WARNING: If you have a very clean mind – skip viewing this post!
I absolutely love cards.  Any occasion. Birthdays, holidays, thinking of you, just to say hello…  There are so many reasons to write a card.  E-mail can be such a cop out.  
So – today I spent a little bit of time searching for my own Valentine’s card on Etsy – and I was laughing out loud at some of these!! There are some amazing stationary/letterpress companies – and the best ones really are on Etsy!!  Please do take the time to scroll through their fabulous round up of Valentine’s cards. 
Here are some that I personally liked, thought were hysterical, or would be great for friends, relatives, etc. 

Etsy – Colette Paperie
Etsy – Sweet Perversion
Etsy – Simply Jenuine 
Etsy – Tippy Tumble (Uggs & Kisses)
From Etsy – Tisa’s Creations

Etsy – La Belle Vie Design


Etsy – U Lucky Girl
Etsy – Dude and Chic  - Yes, this is slightly inappropriate, but an interesting way to get straight to the point!
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14 Days of Romance: A sweet little gift – Day 1

I’m starting a little series here…. 14 days of Romance… We will be featuring fantastic Valentine’s gifts, romantic rooms, date ideas, entertaining and recipe suggestions and more.  
So – we are kicking off the series with one of my favorite companies for gifts – Table Topics.  This item below is their Pillow Talk To-Go deck of 40 cards with light hearted and fun questions!
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On my radar… Give a little… Aid to Artisans

Are you familiar with Aid to Artisans?
It’s an organization that creates economic opportunities for artisan groups from around the world that are faced with severe hardships where the craft traditions are at risk. The website offers featured items for sale made by the skilled artisans from countries all over the world.
Not only is this an amazing organization to support, but the products are absolutely beautiful, so it really kills two birds with one stone – give back to struggling countries and receive a beautiful product.
Here are my 2 faves that caught my eye:
Vessels from Mozambique $55 each
Haiti Etched Hearts $15 for pair (These would make fantastic Valentine’s gifts!)

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you lovelies!!
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Romancin’ it up!

So…. in the spirit of valentines day…. check out this beautiful and romantic bedroom designed by Phoebe Howard. Could you imagine sleeping in this bed every night? I’d feel like such a princess. That duvet at the foot of the bed really does look cozy!

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February – Pink

I thought this was such a pretty dining room. The subtle hints of pink are so romantic and not at all overwhelming. Those lamps are amazing. And of the owner of the room is over the pink, just change the lamps and curtains and switch out the floral arrangement and its good to go!

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Kickin’ off February with some romance

To kick off the month of February, I thought I’d start out with this super-romantic bedroom designed by Michael B. Smith (ya know…. the guy who re-designed the White House for the Obama’s). This room screams romance, so sweet. I am a big fan of that wallpaper. Huge!!
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