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Greenhouse Cover Material Information

For many people, growing plants is something that they enjoy. Having the ability to grow plants all year long is why many people decide to construct a greenhouse. Since they will be able to control the temperatures in the greenhouse, they will be able to grow their plants continuously without depending on weather conditions.

7 Types Of Greenhouses

Since a greenhouse is something that needs attention and care, people need to have the time and the money to take care of it properly. They will want to consider these factors when they are deciding which type of greenhouse they wish to have for growing their plants. Here are the 7 types of greenhouses that they will be able to choose from:

1. Lean-to type greenhouse – A lean-to greenhouse is one that is connected to the building and is constructed at the south end of it. This type of greenhouse is inexpensive to heat. People that live in cold climates enjoy this type of greenhouse because it gives them a lot of room to grow their plants.

2. Quonset greenhouse – A Quonset greenhouse is also called a hoop house. They are tunnels that are made out of pipes. The sidewalls are made to roll up. These types of greenhouses do not have foundations. They also do not have environmental controls and this can make it a bit more difficult for growing certain plants.

3. Uneven span type – The uneven span type of greenhouse is best built on a slope. It can be constructed using aluminum in many cases and glass or plastic for the siding. For many people, the space that this type of greenhouse is relatively small. They will need to make good use of their space so that they will have enough room for the various plants that they want.

4. Ridge and furrow type – This is referred to as a number of even span greenhouse that is connected together. They can also be called gutter-connected. The walls are connected by aluminum in most cases. Siding is either glass or plastic with this particular type of greenhouse.

5. Even span type – The even span type of greenhouse is also an A-frame greenhouse. It is made out of trusses that form an “A” at the top. Aluminum is generally what is used to construct this type of greenhouse with plastic or glass siding.

6. Gothic Arch greenhouses – This type of greenhouse gives lots of lighting. The greenhouse is made of glass or poly and it is very easy to clean. The roof is in the form of an arch and it has a continuous shape to the walls.

7. Hoop greenhouses – Hoop greenhouses utilize PVC pipes to create the hoop roof. It is one of the cheapest types of greenhouses to build. It also provides easy roll off of snow and ice from the roof. The materials are plastic and aluminum for easy construction.

Taking Care Of Greenhouses

When a person has a greenhouse, they need to make sure that they are caring for it properly. Since they will want to check on it daily, they will need to know the cleaning materials that should be used for the products that they have constructed it with. Since the care of the plants is also important, a person will want to look into automatic settings for temperature and watering needs.

People love their greenhouses because of the growing opportunities that they give to them. They can have the plants that they love blooming for added enjoyment all year long regardless of the weather conditions.

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