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7 Activities That Put The Fun In Fund Raising

Fund raising activities are events and activities organized by charities and nonprofit organizations to ensure that they have enough funding to help people in need. These activities can range from a school bake sale, to a black tie gala, depending on the organization’s budget.

Some of the ideas for fund raising are tried and tested, and proven to bring in more funds for charities. Others are just tired, and have been reused over and over, to the point that people don’t respond to them as enthusiastically and as generously as in the past.

To bring back the fun in fundraising, here are 7 wonderful ideas that you can try:

1. A race – before you say Been there, done that, listen. Think outside the box, and put a twist to the conventional fun runs and marathons. Think of a creative race as much as possible. Some of the most creative ideas are men running in heels, racers running while being chased by zombies, and themed races where participants have to wear something that relates to the race’s theme. You can have everyone dress like their favorite cosplay character or their favorite movie star while they run.

2. A dinner – for a unique fund raising dinner, go for extreme food. Serve a 10-foot tall cake, out of this world dishes, and anything that will put some novelty into the event. Anything over the top will surely get the attention of locals and people who have already attended one or several of your previous fund raising dinners. That’s sure to draw more publicity for your charity. Add some dancing and your event will be one that people won’t forget very soon.

3. A contest – it’s time to veer away from the usual eating or drinking contests, beauty contests, and talent contests. Again, get creative and make your contests more exciting to draw in more participants. Some examples of the most creative contests include a scavenger hunt, best photo contest, dancing marathon, and other similar contests. Ask your suppliers and friends of the organization to donate prizes.

4. An auction – one of the best auctions involve auctioning off a date with prominent personalities from the community. This promotes camaraderie and cooperation among the locals.

5. A concert or a talent show – you can try inviting a famous celebrity to perform at your event. You can also go the simpler route and just round up the most talented people around your charity to volunteer their talents. Some of the best concerts are those where the entire community has put in their share of investment, not just in the form of monetary donations, but also by helping with the d├ęcor and other logistic requirements as well as by sharing their own talents.

6. A food convention – there are charities that take their cue from famous food trucks. There are plenty of food truck owners who are always on the lookout for their next location so people can sample their cuisine. Host a food truck festival for the weekend so people can gather, have fun, enjoy the food and drinks, and give to charity at the same time.

These are just some of the ways to spice up fundraising activities for your charity of choice. These will work for all different types of charities.

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