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Five Activities That Add More Fun To Fundraising

Fundraising activities are important for funding charities and nonprofit organizations. Those who organize these activities should make sure that they have something exciting to offer the participants, so that they’ll be more inclined to give or donate to their cause. If you’re bored with the same old fundraising activities your nonprofit conducts, here are five exciting fundraiser activities with twists that will surely appeal to both active and prospective donors. Plus, these also test how far your donors can go to support your cause.

1. Viral challenges. Bring your fundraising campaign up a notch by taking advantage of social media. You can come up with a fun and exciting online challenge as a way of raising funds. Who knows, it might go trending or viral in the days to come. The ALS Association’s sensational Ice Bucket Challenge is one good example.

2. Fashion shows. Who says fashion shows are only for haute couture? Transform your garage sale into a fashion show featuring almost new or unused clothing from your closet. All the proceeds can go to your charity. If you do not have the budget to get professional models, you can make it a fun gig for some of your co-workers in your nonprofit group.

3. Race runners. Themed marathons or mazes never get old. Add an adrenaline boost to your fundraiser’s fun run by making it a themed maze think along the lines of the thrill of The Amazing Race, the dystopia of The Hunger Games, and the suspense of having to survive a zombie apocalypse, all in one fundraising event. Have participants paired or grouped into small teams.

4. Talent search. You give people the opportunity to show off their talents and also entertain an audience, all while raising funds for your charity. Your talent search could be an individual or group singing and/or dancing competition, or a Battle of the Bands if you’re up to some moshing. You can also hold arts and crafts contests, or bake-offs or cook-offs.

5. Dog and cat walking/babysitting. Offer to take pet dogs and cats for a walk, or give them tender loving care while their humans are away. You can add pet grooming services too. You can offer the same services for other pet animals as well. This is perfect for fundraisers dedicated to supporting animal rights. Plus, adorable pets can take the stress of fundraising work away!

6. Chores auctions. Why not give your neighbors a helping hand in doing household chores that they’re too busy for? Your nonprofit can discuss with your supporters which chores they need to have done, and when they want the services to be rendered. Not only will you raise funds, you’ll also help people with the housekeeping chores that they just cannot seem to get around to doing.

If you’re looking forward to setting up these activities with other organizations, do be careful in forging partnerships. Beware of scams when seeking help with fundraising.

Give these and a lot more fundraising twists a try. You, your fellow volunteers, and donors will surely have fun raising funds for a cause.

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