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Horse Care And Ownership

Think about getting a new puppy, but it’s bigger and needs a lot more work – that’s what owning a horse feels like. Like any other animal, horses need attention and care.

But unlike simple house pets, ownership and care of horses is quite a challenge. Therefore, before getting one, always ask yourself “Am I up for it?”

DO YOUR HOMEWORK – Before getting a horse of your own, it’s best to stock up on knowledge.

First, familiarize yourself with the terminologies that come with horse ownership. This will help you keep up with conversations with other owners, vets, farriers, and other professionals.

Know the different types and breeds of horses. Of course, you’ll have to know your horses breed first.

Then, study how to take care of a horse properly. Knowing the dos and don’ts of horse care should be a top priority. You wouldn’t want to spend thousands of dollars and just end up with an unhealthy and unhappy equine.

INVEST IN GROOMING AND HEALTH CARE – Like people, you have to maintain your horses health by grooming it and having it checked by a vet.

Grooming kits for horses are readily available in physical and online stores. They’ll have the right tools and equipment youll need to properly groom your horse. If you can’t groom your horse yourself, you can hire other people to do it for you.

Getting an experienced farrier is also another important factor to keeping your horse in optimum shape. A farrier is a person who trims and puts shoes on horses’ hooves. Not maintaining your horses hooves can take a toll on its health.

Lastly, find a trustworthy vet who will regularly check on your horse. Make sure that the vaccines are up-to-date and your horse is free from any disease.

HORSE OWNERSHIP COSTS – Once you’re already equipped with knowledge about horse ownership, it’s time to get to the costs.

As a responsible horse owner, you must provide your horse with its basic needs. But, that come with a price.

Costs may vary depending on your location and circumstances. If you have a wide pasture with adequate graze to feed your horse, then you can cut down on your feed expenses. Heres a reference regarding the common costs owners incur every year:

* Feed: $1,000 – $3,000

* Basic vet fees: $150 – $450

* General Maintenance (includes grooming and hoof care): $500 – $800

* Boarding (for owners who board their horses on other peoples properties): $1,200 without basic amenities; $3,000 – $7,200 with basic amenities

There are also occasional and one-time expenses you should look out for. These include equipment like saddles and bridles, as well as grooming supplies.

If you want your horse to be trained by a professional, you should set aside a budget for its training, too.

As you can see, owning a horse can be a challenging task. You’ll need time and money if you want to own a horse. You’ll need more if you’re planning on becoming a breeder or if you want to attend competitions with your horse.

Nevertheless, it’s a rewarding task. If you’ve always dreamed of having your own horse, these factors shouldn’t get in the way of your goal.

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