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Proof That Iceland Is The Home Of Nature’s Wonders

When traveling to Europe, most people go to the more famous countries like Italy, France, Greece, and England. However, there is another country that can be considered Europes hidden gem – and that is Iceland.

The first time you hear of it, youll probably think that its just full of icebergs, glaciers, freezing temperature, etc. But there is more to Iceland than just ice and a lot of its landscapes are proof of that. At the same time, it has one of the grandest creations of Mother Nature. If you find yourself in this country, dont miss these sites.


Located near Lake Myvatn, Grjótagjá is a hidden cave pool where tourists can bathe in. The heat is due to the volcanic temperature surrounding the place, making it the perfect bathing area for when you are freezing.

There was a time when Grjótagjá was too hot for people to swim in. Back in 1975, a volcano nearby erupted, increasing the water temperature to alarming levels. However, as the years passed by, the temperature slowly dropped allowing tourists and locals alike to swim in the cave again. However, the water temperature can vary, so before you visit the place, consult a local guide first. Also, did you know that this is the secret cave where Jon Snow and Ygritte had a love scene in Game of Thrones? 


Jokulsárlón is famous simply because of the beauty of the icebergs and glaciers seen here. Because of its landscape, it became the perfect spot to film Batman Begins, Die Another Day, and even Tomb Raider. 

Jokulsárlón is now at 11.1 square kilometers because of global warming. As parts of the glaciers and icebergs melt, the area of the place starts to grow and more perfectly crafted icebergs began to form. What makes this a must-see in Iceland is the Northern Lights. If you are looking for a place where you can look up uninterruptedly, then Jokulsárlón is the place to be.

The Arctic Henge

Offering a break from glaciers and cold waters is the Arctic Henge. Although it is currently being constructed, there is already the central tri-column which is the main piece of this architecture. Once it is finished, it can already stand close to how beautiful the Stonehenge is.

The Arctic Henge is a tribute to Iceland’s neo-pagan culture and Nordic roots. It is inspired by the poem Völuspá which means ‘Prophecy of the Seeress’ in English. This poem talks about the 72 dwarves that symbolize the different seasons of the world. These 72 dwarves are represented by blocks that will encircle the four large stone monuments at the center of the place.


Dettifoss is probably the most powerful waterfall in the world because of the huge crashes it makes once the water cascades down tall rocks. The water is so strong here because it is caused by the Vatnajökull glacier, which is the largest glacier in Iceland. Although the place is quite slippery and dangerous, it is still a tourist destination worth visiting.

The country of Iceland has more landscapes waiting to be discovered. Apart from the natural wonders of the world, you can also visit its cities that are full of life and color.

Travel here is pretty straightforward with direct flights from many European countries. All you need is a basic visa entry which you can pick up at the customs gate in Iceland. It’s also possible to travel with your dog to this land of fire and ice, as this country welcomes dogs with pet passports which must be presented upon entry. So there is no excuse not to visit this most beautiful country near the Arctic Circle.

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