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Effective Fundraising Strategies For Charity

Fundraising activities are the lifeblood of charitable institutions. It’s through fundraising that volunteers become friends, people come together for a good cause, and lives are changed.

But fundraising can sometimes be difficult. Some people struggle trying to raising enough money to keep their organization afloat, but their charities close down when they’re unable to do so. Dont let this happen to you.

Here are some of the effective ways to raise funds for charity.

1. Use existing trends – While bake sales and galas are still great ways to raise funds, this doesn’t mean you should always be using these same methods over and over. Looking at “trendy” things, and creating fundraising activities based on those, will encourage more people to join your cause.

Use your knowledge of new trends to your advantage. Instead of a regular sit down gala, make it a fun night, and offer a costume gala like the Met. Instead of the usual bake sale, why not hold a food truck event where you get the best food trucks to donate their food for one day.

2. Get properly trained to work for a charity – Though you may think working for a charity is just like any other job, it isnt. It’s so much more.

In order to work for big charitable institutions you have to be properly trained to handle issues that they may face now or in the future. Training in matters like negotiation skills, communication skills, and time management are a good start. You can progress to more advance training once youve mastered the basics.

These trainings will help you organize your future fundraising endeavors and make them easier to manage. Negotiation skills training, for example, will help you bargain for lower costs. Time management skills training will help you keep on schedule, so your fundraising events are done and completed on time.

3. Go with your strengths – If, for example, you feel you’re knowledgeable in regard to crafts and making things out of recycled materials, then go with this type of fundraising event. Go with the things that you’re comfortable with and about which you’re more knowledgeable, rather than venture into something you cant do yourself.

Working with your strengths means you dont have to hire extra hands to do these things for you. That means lower costs, and oftentimes more fun for you. People will also recognize you as an authority, as you show them how much of a subject matter expert you are.

4. Get to know the volunteers and company staff – Volunteers are people who donate their time and effort to support your cause. They provide invaluable service and may have talents and capabilities that you may not know of. Youll never know what kind of assets you have unless you talk to the volunteers.

Get to know them, and see where they can fit in with the fund raising campaign. If volunteer “A” for example, has some tools he can lend to build items for your fundraiser, it may be more cost effective to ask to borrow those tools, as opposed to buying or renting them. The same holds true for your staff. Get to know where they can excel, and harness those talents, to help you create the best fundraisers.

5. Make it fun – An enjoyable fundraising event will garner more people, as people want to become part of something they find entertaining. Adding fun to the fundraising campaign will make it more inviting.

If you’re holding a bake sale for example, why not go all out and create a mini food fair? Invite people to serve different kind of food, add some music and entertainment, and youre all set.

Follow these fundraising tips to successfully organize your events and generate funds for your cause.

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