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Explore Kings Canyon In Northern Territory, Australia

Kings Canyon is one of Australias most hidden places located in the Northern Territory. It has spectacular sunrise and sunset views. You can also dine under the moon and watch the stars. The Kings Canyons Desert Under the Moon Dinner includes fine exotic cuisine that is a must try.

How to Get There

This is a remote location, that takes a lot of travel planning to visit. The canyon is part of the Watarrka National Park along with the George Gill Range. The best way to get there is by car. During your road trip you will get to pass Alice Springs, which is about 280 miles of four hours drive from the park. You can either take the Stuart Highway, Lasseter Highway or Luritja Road. If you are coming from Uluru or Ayers Rock Airport it would only take about 3 hours drive.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk

If you want to catch the sunrise youd have to get up early and walk up to the top of Kings Canyon through the Rim Walk. On the way to the top youd get to see the amazing landscapes below. You can choose to walk for only 1 kilometer to a full day.

The 6.5 kilometer canyon rim walk is the most popular. It must be among the world’s most idyllic travel experiences. The canyon has an amazing history and the best way to learn more about the flora and fauna is to hire an Aboriginal elder as a guide to show you the areas where traditional inhabitants used to live.

The full day hike or 6.5 kilometer walk might seem a little too much for some. There are approximately 500 steps to get to the top. But when you reach the top of the rim, it will all be worth it. The view is definitely worth the walk. Just a reminder before heading out to conquer the canyon – bring extra layers for the winter weather and lots of water, youll need them.

Garden of Eden

From the top of the rim, a series of wooden steps would lead you back down to the Garden of Eden. After a long walk up, the way down is the most rewarding part. The oasis is beautiful and has plenty of shade. The Traditional Owners consider the place and its water sacred, no swimming is allowed. Hundreds of species depend on the water source. They would not want to risk contaminating the water source and endangering the animals.

Kathleen Springs

For those who want to take a dip after the long walk, you have an option to take a self-guided track. The Giles Track is 22 kilometers from Kings Canyon to Kathleen Springs. It is popular among more adventurous and experienced hikers.

Kings Canyon Resort

If you prefer a much higher view of Kings Canyon, you can go to Kings Canyon Resort and take advantage of their professional helicopter services. Their landing spot is only 5 minutes away from the resort. The helicopter ride will take you over the canyon for 15 minutes. During the ride you will be able to see the Australian outback from a terrific view.

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