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How To Survive On A Deserted Island

I know, you must be thinking how the hack will I be stuck in a deserted island? There is no possible way that is going to happen to me right? Can you be really sure? The thing is, the definition of an accident, means something that happens beyond comprehension or expectation. If you ask me, anything is possible in life.

Is it possible that while travelling on a plane for a vacation somewhere, your plane got into a crazy storm and fall into the sea or in a deserted island? What about, while on a fishing trip out in the sea, your boat capsized and you find yourself stuck on a deserted island. Now, how are you going to stay alive until help arrives?

Well, here are the top 5 tips on how to survive on a deserted island:

1. Find Drinking Water

The very first thing you should look for is source of drinking water. We cannot survive for more than 3 days without clean drinking water, you need it to stay alive and stay healthy. If you dont have water for 72 hours, you will most probably die of dehydration. Here are some tips on finding water sources on a deserted island.

A good source of drinking water is the river or a stream. Look if you can find river or streams nearby. Do bear in mind that you will need to boil the water before drinking, as it may contain diseases or parasites in it. And most importantly, do not drink salt water. This will only kill you faster from dehydration and health issues that come with excessive salt in your body.

2. Build a Shelter

A shelter is next in line when it comes survival essentials on a deserted island. A proper shelter is a place for you to rest and strategize your survival plan. It is also a place for keeping you dry and warm at the same time. Your surrounding resources will determine what and how your shelter will be. A lean-on shelter is the easiest and fastest shelter you can build.

A lean-on shelter is made out of a long log leaning against tree on one end, and the ground on the other. The log forms your roof line; after that, lay smaller sticks or branches on this log. Look for big leaves to cover over the sticks and you would have constructed the roof. As for the flooring, you can also lay leaves or dried grass as your bed.

3. Start Fire

After you have dealt with the shelter and water, the next thing will be to start a fire to keep warm and boil water for drinking. You do not need any tool to stat fire if you know how. Find dry leaves, grass and small branches of sticks as fuel. Find a stick and a piece of soft wood then rub the stick against the dry wood until you see smoke. After that, sprinkle the dry grass and leave on the area where there is smoke, and they will start to burn.

4. Make a Rescue Signal

You can make a rescue signal by the beach by laying rocks that reads SOS, but make it big so that it is noticeable if a plane flies by.

5. Take Care of First Aid

Treat cuts and wounds on your body. If you have a first aid kit with you, always apply proper medication on your wounds and keep them clean to avoid infection and gangrene.

So there you go; the 5 most important survival tips that you must know to survive on a deserted island. The most important thing is remember to always maintain a calm and clear mind when you are in an emergency situation.

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