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The 3 Best Beaches In Seychelles

With 115 islands in the country, its hard to know which one youll go to much less which beaches to visit. Seychelles is known for its white beaches and blue waters plus all the different activities you can do by the shore.

By law, all beaches in the country are public property. But even if its owned by the government, there is not one beach that isnt clean. You can say that all the beaches are well-maintained and you wont be seeing big establishments lining the shore. This is true of many tropical paradises around the world nowdays, as they are increasingly protected for future generations of tourists. For further advice read these tips to make your tropical island getaway more memorable

Another good thing about the beaches of Seychelles is that theyre considered to be virgin beaches and are breathtakingly beautiful. 
Here is a list of the top 3 beaches that you can visit on this tropical island.

Anse Intendance

Always a favorite of the tourists, Anse Intendance is a beach filled with fine white sand and crystalline waters. If you want to surf, this is the best beach to go to in Mahe. The waves are high enough to be challenging, but you can also chill out in the shallow part of the sea. However, its not advisable to swim during June-September because the waves are high and the currents are strong. Another must-see in this beach is the turtles nesting. Anse Intendance remains one of the few beaches where turtles still hatch.

Anse Source dArgent

Always part of the top list in the worlds most beautiful beaches is Anse Source dArgent. This beach is located at the west coast of La Digue Island and has a wide expanse of sand and coral reefs. If you are looking for a place to get your beach photos, then Anse Source d’Argent is the place to be. Almost every place in this area is picturesque. However, the only disadvantage you’ll get by visiting this place is you won’t enjoy swimming as compared to the other beaches around. This is because the waters here are shallow and there are a lot of coral reefs underneath that make it hard to walk.

Anse Lazio

Located in the Praslin Island, Anse Lazio is also one of the most famous beaches in Seychelles. It’s found in the northwestern part of the island and it often has a lot of tourists visiting every year. However, you shouldn’t be worried because even if there are a lot of people, you will never feel that the island is overcrowded. Another good thing about Anse Lazio is that there are many ways to go to the island. You can drive there and find a parking lot by the island. You can also take the bus except that you will walk a steep hill going back from the island.

With just these three beaches you will be able to experience fine white sand and clear waters. You can also surf, swim, and even go snorkeling in some of the islands. If you plan on having a vacation in Seychelles, make sure that you visit at least one of the islands to know why a lot of tourists consider the country as a beach haven for everybody.

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