And…. I’m back… For real! And a bamboo chair!

I know…. I know… I totally fell off the bandwagon.  Which really is such a shame because I love this blog so much!  But…. Hopefully we can get back on track.  Lots has gone on since Josh and I have moved into our new place.  It really feels like our home and I’m loving it.  The entire place has been repainted a fabulous gray color, and I’m slowly but surely tackling projects.

So, here is part of my first project.  I bought a crazy bamboo high-back chair when we were in Palm Springs several months ago.  Josh was going to kill me when I told him I had just purchased it.  He obviously didn’t see the potential! And when I told him I spent $35 on it (I thought this was an utter steal) – he was convinced I just wasted my cash.


So….. a serious cleaning, a sanding, a few spray paint coats later, and a fun new Subrella upholstery job…. We were in business.


And here she is…. all complete! I am in the process of buying an outdoor rug for the space and potted plants – but here is the completed chair.



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Bedding Inspiration…. I need some.

 Here is our bedroom.  Not much has changed since this picture was taken in November, but that we have dark gray sheets and bedskirt and a white duvet.  But its boring.  I love the rug, our dresser, and our lamps. But the bedding is such a snore.  Here’s some inspiration that’s helping me make some decions.

 I love the monogrammed bedding bedding!  BUT for some reason, Josh doesn’t lay nicely on the bed.  It’s like he leaves his mark everytime he sits.  He’s like a puppy. (but in a handsome way). :)

 This bedding bewlow with the hints of lilac and the stripe is UH-mazing.

Massucco Warner Miller designed the bedroom below.  My duvet never looks that full.  And I splurged on a good one for us!  What is the trick here?

The colors below are just beautful and I love how clean and well kept this look.

For the bedroom below, I like the layout of the pillows.  I think I need king size pillows.

And this last one – love the bedding, the mix of tonal colors and the softness.

Please do share what is on your bed and how you keep it from looking cluttery and messy!

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This studio is so sick. It’s BANANAS!

The owner of this apartment calls it a loft.  I live in LA…. so I call this a studio. Whatever you call it – it’s amazing and I want it for my self.  This would be the home of jewelry designer Zani Gugelmann.  Zani (a jewelry designer based in NYC) made this place airy and bright and have so much style.  I LOVE it.  Check out more of it HERE.

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Valentine’s Day Bark


I made chocolate toffee bark for a few people in the office last night (and wrapped them up this morning) as well as made a few extra for Josh to take to work.  They are SO freakin’ good and SO easy to make  (meaning – my mom could probably handle this one).   Get the recipe here from Deep South Dish.     (It’s literally 5 ingredients).    They are a bit gooey, so I wrapped them in wax paper in layers, pulled them in plastic bags from the Paper Source, and then tied with vintage ribbon.

Wishing you a super sweet and wonderful Valentine’s Day!

xx, Hallie



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Upholstery Inspiration

I’m looking for a tall accent chair for our living room.  Something that is super cozy, a chair you never want to get out of.  But besides comfort, I want it to be full of style.  I’m hoping to find this chair in the next week or two and the have it upholstered.  I want one that I can recover in an ivory twill or canvas fabric and then have a center fabric going down the center like below.  I’m thinking more neutral colors though for the center panel.

Here’s a few more ideas for upholstered chairs with really fun and beautiful workmanship.

Designed by Jamie Meares

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Designed by Jamie Meares


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Me Long You Love Time

Just came across a super cute Etsy Shop – Melongings.  Based in Philadelphia, this pillow coveriengs companiy provides gorgeous covers from organically grown fabrics using water-based metallic inks.  I am in love!  Check them out here


And for the record…I know.  It’s “Me love you long time”

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A couple pics from 45 Three

After work today I popped into 45 Three on Fairfax (south of Wilshire Blvd. for those LA peeps) and of course they had great stuff, but nothing that’s on my list that I’m currently needing for my new digs.

If you live in the area you should totally stop in there.  They are having a sale and there are some really great pieces.

Here’s a few snaps I took.

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World Market Has Pretty Much Everything


I’m convinced that World Market could be one of the greatest stores ever.  You’ve got food, wine, home decor accessories, furniture, serveware,  and wrapping paper all uner one roof!?  I mean… I don’t know about you, but this place is a total score.

Here are some of my favorite pieces on their website that I am totally into.











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I have to admit…..

I don’watch HGTV all that much.  And I hate that I don’t.

 I mean….. House Hunters is fun and all, but I just feel like the shows aren’t completely up my alley.  But whats stranger to me is I love a lot of the designers’ outside work.  I probably just need to make more of an effort to really watch shows.

Do any of you have a specific HGTV show you like that you can reccomend?

  Emily Henderson always brings it, and I have a new HGTV crush now….  ALISHA GWEN.  And, her blog is awesome.

Here are a few pics of her work that I grabbed from her site and blog.

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Drape Loves

 I’m a fan of the drapes.

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